Adhesives & Glues

  • PC® 56

    PC® 56 is a solvent-free two part - component adhesive. Component 1 is a bitumen based emulsion and the second component is a powder.


    Mixing ratio by weight: 3 parts of component A, 1 part of component B.


    PC® 56 is used for adhering FOAMGLAS® slabs to concrete or masonry , bonding two layers of FOAMGLAS® slabs together or as a surface coating on FOAMGLAS® slabs.

    Product data sheet PDS_PC_56-UK-AE-INT_1511.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC56_COMPONENT_A-EN00_20150925.pdfSDS_FG_PC56_COMPONENT_B-EN00_20150925.pdf
  • PC® 11

    PC® 11 is ready for use straight out of the can. It’s a one-component adhesive bitumen based cold adhesive used to bond FOAMGLAS® boards, and in particular FOAMGLAS® READY BOARD onto profiled metal sheets.


    PC® 11 is a permanent plastic-elastic, age-resistant glue, which has a good adhesive properties on various materials.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC11-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_PC_11-EN00_0615.pdf
  • PC® 58

    PC® 58 is a two-component modified bitumen based cold adhesive without solvents.


    It is used as an adhesive and as a coating. In terms of consistency PC® 58 is comparable to traditional hot bitumen. After complete drying, the adhesive is flexible and resistant to numerous salty solutions, water and weak acids. PC® 58 is used to apply FOAMGLAS® slabs to horizontal concrete and porous concrete surfaces. It is also used to coat the surface of FOAMGLAS® slabs; prior to the application of bitumen based torch-on or self-adhesive membranes.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC58-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC58_COMPONENT_A-EN00_20150920.pdfSDS_FG_PC58_COMPONENT_B-EN00_20150826.pdf
  • PC® 500

    PC® 500 is a ready-for-use one-component adhesive (Thixotrop) and is used in the FOAMGLAS® compact roof system.


    PC® 500 is used for the full bonding and close joints of FOAMGLAS® slabs or blocks on roofs and floors made from concrete.


    PC® 500 is applied with a specially adjusted rubber scraper on the full surface of the bearing substrate. PC® 500 is comparable to hot bitumen in processing.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC500-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC500-EN00_20151126.pdf
  • PC® 600 Green

    PC® 600 Green is a ready to use 1 component solvent and water free thixotropic polymer glue, based on natural oils and is used in the FOAMGLAS® compact roof system.


    PC® 600 Green is used for the full bonding and close joints of FOAMGLAS® slabs or blocks on roofs and floors made from concrete and wood.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC_600_Green-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_PC_600_Green-EN00_0715.pdf
  • PC® 160 Flexible tile adhesive

    PC® 160 is a highly flexible specialist tile adhesive for substrate applications with high exposure to moisture. It consists of 6 Parts cement-modified powder adhesive and 1 Part of liquid plasticizer. The fully cured material is water-resistant and frost-proof; but is sufficiently flexible, in order to bridge hairline cracks in the substrate to which it has been applied. PC® 160 is predominantly used as flexible adhesive for tiles (thin-bed method). On interior wall insulation in wet rooms with tiled finish.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC160-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC160_COMPONENT_A-EN00_20120928.pdfSDS_FG_PC160_COMPONENT_B-EN00_20120928.pdf