Primer & Sealers

  • PC® EM primer

    PC® EM is an odourless, viscous, solvent-free bitumen emulsion.


    PC® EM is used as a primer when gluing FOAMGLAS® insulation boards on priming subsurfaces such as concrete, masonry and plaster.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC_EM-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PCEM-EN00_20150826.pdf
  • PC® 130 sealing primer

    PC® 130 is a white-pigmented sealing primer on the basis of saponification-resistant synthetic resin.


    It is used as a ready processed primer on PC® 164 and PC® 74 A2 before coating the render

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC130-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC130-EN00_20121114.pdf
  • PC® 310 primer

    Primer PC® 310 is solvent-free, pigmented and quartz sand-containing synthetic resin dispersion.


    It is used as a priming coat and bonding bridge for structure coating on primer PC® 74 A2.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC310-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC_310-UK-AE-INT_1508.PDF
  • PITTSEAL® 444 N

    PITTSEAL® 444N is a single component, non hardening butyl based sealer that does not dry but forms a soft skin after 1 to 3 hours. PITTSEAL® 444N sealant can be used:


    For Building applications: Sealing joints between FOAMGLAS® slabs and boards. Sealing of wall / ceiling wall / floor and wall / wall junctions.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PITTSEAL_444N-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PITTSEAL_444N-UK-AE-INT_20150928.pdf