Rendering & Coatings

  • PC® 74 A2 non-inflammable coating

    PC® 74 A2 is mineral coating FOAMGLAS®.


    PC® 74 A2 is mixed with water, in particular used as non-inflammable coating on FOAMGLAS® in fresh air ducts or on air channels, pipelines and cavity floors as examples.


    The non-inflammable property of PC® 74 A2 (building material class A2 in accordance with EN 13501) is proven by the general construction supervision approval No. Z-56.428-871.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC74A2-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC74A2-EN00_20150928.pdf
  • PC® 164 coating compound

    PC® 164 is a solvent-free 1-component coating on the basis of synthetic resin, which is specially designed for the application on FOAMGLAS® slabs. It is suitable indoors as a coating on FOAMGLAS® insulation for ceilings or walls.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC164-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_PC_164_2012928-EN00.pdf
  • PC® 78 top coating

    PC® 78 is a factory-produced top coating on the basis of a saponification-resistant synthetic resin dispersion and finely ground marble.


    The fully mixed PC® 78 top coating is applied to a bearing and stable subsurface, such as the PC® 164 primer.


    Depending on the type of surface treatment, various plaster structures can be achieved.

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC78-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_PC_78_2012928-UK-AE-INT.pdf
  • PC® 140 piecework filler for fine thin-bed coating

    Fine Filler PC® 140 is a fine mix ready for application.


    It is mainly used to even out the surface of previously applied PC® 74 A2. After curing the surface can be smoothed by sanding .

    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PC140-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PC140-EN00_20120928.pdf
  • PITTCOTE® 404

    PITTCOTE® 404 is a highly flexible, acrylic latex coating.
    PITTCOTE® 404 is used as a weather barrier on FOAMGLAS® insulation with a polyester fabric reinforcement.


    Product data sheet PDS_FG_PITTCOTE_404W-UK-AE-INT_1503.pdf
    Safety data sheet SDS_FG_PITTCOTE_404-UK-AE-INT_20150528.pdf