Thermal insulation system for the entire building envelope


FOAMGLAS® is the world-leading brand in thermal cellular glass insulation. It is a high performance, reliable, durable and environmentally-friendly insulation material that is suitable for the entire building envelope.

Thanks to its excellent properties, our insulation material is used in all types of buildings; ranging from swimming pools, museums, data centres, industrial complexes and office buildings, to car parks, schools, wineries, airports and social housing. The list is endless. You name it!


Our core properties

Our product is defined by its unique combination of high performance properties. FOAMGLAS® insulation is non-combustible, has a high compressive strength without deformation, is completely vapour and water tight and offers proven long-lasting thermal performance. 

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FOAMGLAS® feels very strongly about providing a high quality service! We are on hand to guide you through the design and construction process, supporting you with calculation tools, technical advice, construction site training and much more.


Our next generation insulation FOAMGLAS® T3+ achieves a lambda-value of 0.036 W/m²K. An improvement on its predecessor by an impressive 12% whilst keeping the well-known advantages of FOAMGLAS® insulation: incombustibility, superior compressive strength and long- lasting thermal performance. A truly groundbreaking achievement! 
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