Selecting truly sustainable products is now part of the design process. FOAMGLAS® insulation meets with the highest standards.


FOAMGLAS® insulation is manufactured from minimum 60% locally sourced recycled glass, including scrap vehicle glass and off-cuts from the window industry. Raw materials are mineral based and abundant natural resource.


Commitment to environmental stewardship


Certified green electricity from Norwegian and French hydropower plants supply power to the FOAMGLAS® factory at Tessenderlo in Belgium. This introduction of green energy is just one part of our commitment to reducing the amount of embodied energy required in the manufacturing process. Further information on our energy strategy may be found within the 'Environmental Product Declaration', which can be downloaded at


The hermetically sealed FOAMGLAS® glass cell structure is naturally produced, it’s free from ecologically harmful blowing agents and flame retardants. Mutagenic, or carcinogenic chemicals are not used during production.


FOAMGLAS® is an inert non-toxic material. At the end of the building’s life FOAMGLAS® can be safely incorporated into hardcore or landscaping.


The European organisation 'natureplus' examines the origin of all recycled and raw materials used by a manufacturer. Natureplus considers both the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and building works at the construction site. Natureplus reviews existing and forthcoming environmental policies. Natureplus lobby government for a new approach to all construction works and promote the use of recycled and sustainable building materials:


The FOAMGLAS® manufacturing facilities conform to strict environmental compliance and are registered for ISO 14001 accreditation. Full details are within the FOAMGLAS® Environmental Product Declaration, an independently produced report, which is used for assessing the "green credentials" of all materials.


FOAMGLAS® insulation has a Global Warming Potential of less than 1.5 and an Ozone Depleting Potential of Zero !


Download our EPD
Environmental Product Declaration August 2015