Exceptional properties of FOAMGLAS®


Time tested thermal performance

Time tested thermal performance

FOAMGLAS® has excellent insulating capabilities and has proven its thermal performance by time. This is due to its hermetically sealed, closed-cell, glass structure. Advantage: Continuously achieves high R-values for the lifetime of the building, ensures reliable energy savings and a comfortable indoor climate all year.





FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it has a truly hermetically sealed, closed cell, glass structure. It is watertight. Advantage: The close cell structure prevents water absorption, penetration or tracking by capillary action.




Vermin proof

FOAMGLAS® cannot rot, it is inorganic, its vermin-proof, and can’t support plant growth. Advantage: It’s the ideal choice for situations where insulation is behind a façade or in contact with the ground.




Compressive loads

FOAMGLAS® supports high compressive loads without deflection or movement. Advantage: It is the ideal insulation material for load bearing areas, such as, foundations, floors, walkways, terraces, podium roofs, balconies, vehicle parking, and for supporting M&E equipment.




Fire and fumes

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it’s non-toxic and non-combustible.
Advantage: It does not combust, support fire, produce fumes, or present a fire risk in the building structure. Fire behavior: Classification according to EN 13501: A1, non-combustible; classification according to ASTM E 84, smoke development and flame spread - zero.




Vapour control

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it has a truly hermetically sealed, closed cell, glass structure. It is gas and vapour tight. Advantage: FOAMGLAS® is vapour tight, providing both an insulation and high performance vapour barrier in one material.



Dimensionally stable

Dimensionally stable

FOAMGLAS® has a low coefficient of thermal movement, in the same range as concrete and steel. Advantage: It can be adhesive bonded onto the structure, no mechanical fixings, therefore no thermal bridging.




Acid and chemical resistant

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it is resistant to organic solvents and acids. Advantage: It can withstand aggressive mediums and demanding environments.



Easy to work with

Easy to cut

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass. Advantage: It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, it does not contaminate the water table; and is easily cut using hand tools.





FOAMGLAS® is manufactured using minimum 60% recycled glass. It has a GWP < 1,5 and ODP = 0. It is free of environmentally damaging flame retardants and gas propellants. Advantage: FOAMGLAS® can be recycled or used in landscaping.