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Aardman Animations, Bristol

A lifetime of high performance.
The ultimate insulation with outstanding physical qualities.


FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is unrivalled in performance whatever the building system.

Where long-term effective construction, coupled with financial efficiency are expected by owners and specifiers, the inherent qualities of FOAMGLAS® ensure that it is the only choice.

There is a FOAMGLAS® solution for the whole building envelope offering a lifetime performance without degradation.
FOAMGLAS® is an insulation material that is totally impervious to any form of moisture and which will not burn, or give off toxic fumes or smoke. It is dimensionally stable, has high compressive strength, and is rot, insect, vermin, radon and acid resistant.

Manufactured only from crushed glass and carbon, FOAMGLAS® is totally inorganic and will not support the growth of mould, fungi or micro-organisms. FOAMGLAS® has a co-efficient of linear expansion compatible with both steel and concrete.



Asfinag, Vienna

The inorganic safety insulation


FOAMGLAS®, the inorganic safety insulation of cellular glass, has been proving itself for well over fifty years.

With its millions of hermetically sealed glass cells, FOAMGLAS® corresponds to the ideal type of an insulating material. Due to the material structure, the vapour barrier is already “built in”.

FOAMGLAS® is absolutely waterproof and vapour-tight.

Due to its cell geometry FOAMGLAS® has extraordinary compressive strength, even under long-term loads.

In addition there are further advantages due to the specific properties of the raw material (glass), such as incombustibility, dimensional stability (no shrinking, no swelling, no dishing), acid resistance and resistance to attacks by gnawing animals and insects (no rotting).



Detached house in Erlinsbach

Positive ecological and energy balance sheet


FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass (>60% post-consumer recycled glass).


FOAMGLAS® is completely free of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and other pollutants. Its extraordinarily long service life has a very positive additional effect on FOAMGLAS®’s total energy balance sheet.