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Let’s face it, the energy efficiency of a building stands or falls with proper insulation design and minimizing the thermal bridging around the entire building envelope.  Not an easy task as there are many technical challenges to overcome.

We strongly believe in supporting you with our technical expertise, to reach the highest insulation standards, meeting all your specific building requirements.  We are there to guide you through all stages of the design and construction process:


Pre-construction stage – Technical advice and assistance:

Preparation is key!  The success of a project is determined by the design process.

We will support you with thermal calculations and  specifications which are specific to the insulation elements of the project.  We will provide you with solutions to reduce thermal bridging at structural junctions and thus ensure the continuity of the insulation system around the building.  Our local team are always at your service to give you advise and answer your questions.

Furthermore, when designing the roof, we offer you our tapered studies to meet your specific design requirements.  Our specialist team will provide you a detailed design, including thicknesses, volumes and the most favorable installation plan and drainage positions enabling you to avoid unnecessary waste, additional weight and installation time.  


Pre-construction stage – Technical Presentations, Factory Visits and Installation Training Sessions:

Need to learn more about the unique FOAMGLAS® insulation products and systems. Interested in experiencing how our insulation products are manufactured?  In need of specific training for installing our insulation products? 

Invite us for a technical presentation; Join us for a factory visit or attend our installation sessions.  

Our full range of technical presentations are RIBA approved CPD’s. The presentations include Building Physics, Product Types, Product Applications, Technical Support and Services, and Contractor Support. 

Learn how FOAMGLAS® is manufactured. Visit our Laboratories and see demonstrations of insulation material properties such as combustibility, vapour tightness, compressive strength, and more.

Attend an installation training session. These can be project specific and will feature the FOAMGLAS®  insulation products, adhesives and accessories. The training sessions can be held at our large training school in Belgium, at the contractors yard, or the construction site.

For an RIBA CPD, Technical Presentations :  Contact us at  info@foamglas.co.uk
For a Factory Visit:  Contact us at  info@foamglas.co.uk
For a Training Session: Contact us at info@foamglas.co.uk


Construction stage – Technical advice and assistance:

Our extensive technical support during the construction phase is greatly appreciated by both the design and construction teams. When questions arise, our local FOAMGLAS® staff are on hand to assist by phone, email, or in person; simplifying communication, and generally helping the site contractors to achieve a good quality of installation.
A professional and personal contact between your team and ours, throughout the whole building process, simplifies and improves the mutual cooperation, resulting in a smooth overall process.

Construction stage – Jobsite support 

A Foamglas site Engineer is available from the first day of product installation offering support, reassurance and advise to the contractors site personnel.

Our Engineers will ensure our products are installed to the highest standards and comply with the agreed specification. 


For Further Assistance

For Local FOAMGLAS® Technical Support: See www.foamglas.co.uk – contacts or mail to info@foamglas.co.uk

To Place An Order: See www.foamglas.co.uk – distributors or mail to info@foamglas.co.uk

Questions regarding, transportation, deliveries, offloading and storage, mail to info@foamglas.co.uk

For an RIBA CPD, Technical Presentations :  Contact us at info@foamglas.co.uk

For a Factory Visit:  Contact us at info@foamglas.co.uk

For a Training Session: Contact us at info@foamglas.co.uk